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          An ecommerce store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your customer won’t have to wait for a shop to open or a staff member to respond to their sales query, and their purchase is confirmed straight away. Online shopping means you are not limited to a single location. Never has there been a better opportunity to go global! An ecommerce website is essentially everywhere and can be marketed as such.

We will use our technical knowledge to aid you in both designing and implementing your online shop, whether it is a catalogue or a fully fledged shop from which your customers will be able to directly order your product. Using a range of tools to provide the desired result, we will put no obstacle in the way save the limit of our imagination and the vast expanse of your own vision.

Our designs and templates are compatible with specific host. You must use one of these web hosts in order to receive installation of your website template. If you use another web host/shopping cart not listed, you have the option to ‘self install’ the template. We will send you the html code and all the graphics included in your template and you can install it into your web hosting site yourself.



  • Detailed custom e-commercce design (photos and copy supplied by client).
  • Homepage photo slideshow, social networking icons, share buttons favicon & matching business card design.
  • Web development with hand-coded content 
  • Implementation of standard SEO techniques
  • Maintenance of the shop
  • Product/Data/Images entry
  • Hosting of your website
  • Domain name
  • Business card printing



Shop features


unlimited product categories

unlimited sub categories

unlimited pages / products

no sales fees

contact form

event calendar

guest book

FAQ creator

site map

site search

catalog search

Advanced catalog features

featured products

price discounts

gift registry / wish list

coupon page

gift certificates

related products

wholesale capabilities

order tracking

affiliate integration

product peports

email a friend




Designing a website is a process of drafts/proofs and revisions and communication between designer and client. This page will give you a general idea of how your Custom e-Commerce Website Project will go once it starts:


Before we begin 


•œœœœœ œFill out the Custom Design Questionnaire (download here) and sent it back to us using the design quote form. Based on your needs we reply within 48 hours to give you a price and a timeline.


• Once you agree to proceed with WeirdTales Design Studio we schedule Project – Pay 75% Deposit.


• Set Up Domain and Host (if necessary) View the compatible hosts depending the kind of website you want.


• Gather Ideas for the Design.


Once we have started


• Design the first proofs for custom project and send to client to review and comment.


• Feedback from the client and revise design proof as needed.


• Design the actual shop’s design and send to client to review and comment.


• Feedback from the client and revise design proof as needed.


• Final 25% Payment Request when work is complete but before installation.


• Install e-commerce website design on client’s domain and host.


  After your design

is complete


• Check to see if everything is working correctly and fix any errors present (within the first few days)


• Free error editing for 30 days, after 30 days additional fees are required.

• Add optional services for website maintenance or addition design work.


important points to keep in mind:

• Check out other websites and make a list of what you like, and what you don’t like (colors, fonts, patterns, styles). We strongly encourage making a Pinterest board of textures, colors, typography so we are on the same page.

• Communicate exactly what you want, and timeously. The more honest you are, the easier it will be to get the design right during the draft revisions.

• Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions

.     .

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